We're Hiring!

Origin Coast Inc. is a Health Canada licensed micro-cultivator and micro-processor focused on producing premium quality craft cannabis. Origin Coast TM operates out of its new purpose-built facility located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The company prides itself on growing unique strains in small batches guided by its love for the plant and strong core values. The company’s mission is simple; to help make life better!  

Cultivation Technician (full time)

Origin Coast is seeking a motivated, hardworking individual to join our team as a full time Cultivation Technician. Reporting to the Cultivation Lead, the main duties will be to help cultivate and harvest plants in our indoor Cannabis facility.

The Cultivation Technician is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day functions of the cultivation facility including plant propagation, flowering, and harvest, as well as post-harvest tasks (drying, trimming, curing, packaging, and storing finished product). The Cultivation Technician must be detail-oriented, a team player, proactive and organized with good data management and communication skills. Additionally, he/she must be able to pass required security checks.


  • 3+ years of working experience or research in cannabis cultivation, agriculture, farming, and/or horticulture practices.

  • Works well independently and as part of a team.

  • Engaging and responsible individual with a strong work ethic and communication skills.


  • This is considered a physical labor position, that is best for people that are comfortable with lifting and moving items up to 50 pounds repeatedly, as well as standing, kneeling and crouching for prolonged periods of time.

  • Strictly adhere to SOP’s (standard operating procedures).

  • Cultivation of cannabis plants (watering, fertigation, trimming, harvesting).

  • Daily plant maintenance and care from seed or clone through to harvest.

  • Monitoring, defoliating, inspecting for pests or undesired conditions.

  • Maintaining proper irrigation, reservoir levels, environmental requirements, and deployment of IPM.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing facility and equipment.

  • Ongoing maintenance and calibration of equipment.

  • Data collection and management.

  • Manage and maintain a production plan, and regular reporting of production progress to company management and other departments.

  • Conduct sampling on each lot or batch of cannabis as required and ensure testing is conducted using validated methods, investigating deviations and out of spec results.

  • Establish and manage an inventory tracking system to record deliveries, shipments and stock levels. Evaluate deliveries, shipments and product levels to improve inventory control procedures. Analyze daily product and supply levels to anticipate inventory problems and shortages.

  • Comply with all rules, laws, regulations and industry standards set forth by Health Canada, Provincial and Federal Governments, and the Company.

  • Maintain current knowledge of best practices for the provisions of the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations that apply to the Company.

  • Eager to learn and expand one’s knowledge of cannabis and indoor growing.

  • Ability to adhere to tasks assigned by managers.

  • Must be able to communicate effectively with others.

  • Any additional tasks assigned by management.



  • 3+ years’ experience in horticulture, indoor agriculture, farming, botany, or similar academic research.

  • College degree or certification in Cannabis cultivation or quality assurance, soil science, agriculture, botany, horticulture or similar preferred.

  • A passion for the Cannabis plant.

  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

  • Ability to perform activities for up to 8 hours a day.

  • Must pass background security check.

  • Ability to work flexible schedules including weekends and holidays.

To apply, please email your resume and covering letter to info@origincoast.com



Cannabis Trimmer (part time)


Origin Coast is ‪searching for qualified and experienced Cannabis Trimmers to join our team! In this role, you will work with the cultivation lead and trim team to efficiently trim cannabis flower. Candidates will be responsible for maintaining and following cannabis cultivation procedures, sanitization and safety protocols while assuring the greatest possible quality of product & appearance. This position has a shifting schedule that is based on a harvest cycle and may involve daytime and evening hours.


  • Hand trim flower from plants in a quick and efficient manner, while ensuring a high-quality product (must be able to trim 1.5-2 pounds of flower in 8-10 hours).

  • Sit for long periods of time (8-10 hour shifts) while focusing on detail-oriented trimming, as well as post-trim upkeep.

  • ‪Maintain a clean and organized work environment.

  • ‪Assure daily compliance with company policies including but not limited to: Health Canada compliance, security protocols, access protocols, and work schedules.

  • Be coachable and flexible with the style of trimming we practice.

  • ‪Operate with integrity and honesty.

  • Perform any other harvest duties as assigned.

  • Ability to receive instruction and critique.

  • Cleanliness and sanitation practice.


  • Experience with cannabis cultivation and trimming preferred.

  • Accuracy and consistency while trimming flower.

  • Ability to use repetitive use of hands, wrists and forearms.

  • Ability to focus on a task for long periods of time.

  • Ability to lift 20+ pounds.

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.

  • Can pass background security check.

To apply, please email your resume to info@origincoast.com